SwitchUp Discussions with Roberto Reif, Metis Sr. Info Scientist in Seattle

SwitchUp Discussions with Roberto Reif, Metis Sr. Info Scientist in Seattle

Roberto is a man of science and teacher at Metis’s Seattle location. He has a strong background inside data researching and image/signal processing. His or her professional position has integrated work around applications with regard to healthcare, IoT, and online business intelligence promotion. His reports included power and biomedical engineering.

Being employed at Metis combines many of his motivations, allowing Roberto to speech, mentor scholars as they establish their data science tasks, work on unique projects, and pay attention to about the newest technologies on the field.

Her preferred gear are Matlab, Python, plus Tableau. Read more about his voyage to Metis and find out of which companies work with Metis teachers in our appointment below:

Your Ph. D. is due to Biomedical Architectural. What ability from this record help you to allow future Info Scientists?
The most important skill which gained all the way through my Ph. D. could be to learn how to submit an application scientific processes to solve challenges. We at all times start with some sort of hypothesis and they are constantly seeking to prove or perhaps disprove the idea while earning new remarks along the way. Information Science is a science, plus the same key facts used in study (whether it is actually in Biomedical Engineering or other field) usually are applied right here.

How did you wind up teaching for Metis? That which was your quest? Continue reading