Amnesty Film Fest – A thirty one thing bank clerk from St. Albans

Amnesty Film Fest – A thirty one thing bank clerk from St. Albans

1. Birthday Woman (2001)

A thirty one thing bank clerk from St. Albans has their small-town life exploded by the arrival of their Russian mail purchase bride. John Buckingham (Ben Chaplin), a lonely St. Albans bank clerk, orders a mail purchase bride with an on-line marriage broker called From Russia With prefer, he obtains a mail purchase bride, Nadia (Nicole Kidman) from Russia on the net.

John is shy and uncomfortable, but Nadia is sexually bold. Her abilities when you look at the bed room a lot more than replace with any interaction issues. Though Nadia cannot talk English and John cannot talk Russian, they quickly relationship.

While he’s more than pleased that their brand brand new fiancee is really so gorgeous, she ends up to possess a dangerous and side that is mysterious he ended up beingn’t relying upon. And things become quite complicated whenever her relative Yuri (Mathieu Kassovitz) and his buddy Alexei (Vincent Cassel) arrive and turn up from Russia to commemorate her birthday and transfer to their tiny home in St. Albans.

John learns that the trio has carried out of the exact same scam on males from Switzerland and Germany, and others. Alexei quickly indicates that he’s got a mood. Following a violent altercation, Alexei holds Nadia hostage and demands a ransom from John.

Fundamentally, both John’s life and career are threatened. John has exploded to look after Nadia and it is obligated to take through the bank where he’s got struggled to obtain a decade.

They simply simply take him prisoner, strip him down to their underpants, and connect him to a bathroom in a motel. He fundamentally manages to free himself and quickly learns that Nadia has been put aside after Alexei discovered she had been expecting. Continue reading