Skrappy Skrapperson's Great Adventures: Skrappy Skrapperson and His North Woods Friends

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ISBN: 9781457540219
28 pages

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Skrappy Skrapperson is a playful Siberian Husky who loves adventure and making new friends. This adventure takes him to Northern Wisconsin to the North Woods where he meets up with some of his old friends and makes grand new acquaintances. This story inspires one’s imagination, encouraging the reader to enjoy the great outdoors and spending time with friends.


About Shannon Walch Howell

Shannon Howell spent her early years in rural Oregon playing outdoors with her trusty, four-legged friends. Always the day dreamer, she thought of many characters for stories as a young child.

Now she has put the stories to pen with the help of her favorite companion, Skrappy Skrapperson, a Siberian Husky she adopted in Wisconsin. Together Shannon and Skrappy have had many happy adventures exploring the gentle rolling hills of Wisconsin and the surrounding area.



Skrappy Skrapperson took a trip to the North Woods.

He was looking for adventure with his North Woods friends! Skrappy was ready to romp and play! But it was getting late in the evening, his journey to the North Woods took ALL day!


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